Budget for workplace wellbeing incentives this year

Staff wellbeing workshops for your company

With the end of the financial year approaching, many companies are assessing how best to reward their staff. As well as evaluating salary increases and bonuses, have you considered offering workplace wellbeing programmes as part of your reward scheme? You might even have some remaining wellbeing budget funds – remember to use them by the end of the financial year on April 5th! Get in touch to discuss how we can provide your workplace with wellbeing check-ins throughout the year.

World Mental Health Day

Times are tougher than ever for our mental health. Championing positive wellbeing has never been so important, especially in the workplace. check out some of our online workshops designed to help employees during these difficult times https://www.reviveatwork.co.uk/online-services/

Sleep Better

Sleep Well Workshop

Colleagues struggling with lockdown fatigue? Well they’re not alone. According to new research our ability to get to sleep and our general quality of sleep has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Our sleep-well workshops and guided meditation sessions combine useful nutrition advice, visualisation techniques and mindfulness to help equip you with the skills needed to get to sleep quickly and switch off from daily stresses

Wales’ leading Workplace Wellbeing service

We are Wales' leading Workplace Wellbeing service... Providing massage treatments and wellbeing workshops in the workplace throughout South Wales and the South West of England for over 15 years! If you are a business in Cardiff, Swansea or Bristol and would like to join our long list of clients and book a wellbeing day for colleagues in your workplace get in touch today! prices start from as little as £2 per head.