Mental Wellness – a Positive Mindset

Particularly beneficial during these uncertain times, our online mental health workshops aim to bring clarity and focus to anyone struggling with underlying anxiety or stress. Delivered by life coach, Sian Collins, the inspiring one-hour workshops cover four topics, which can be chosen individually, or combined as a series; Coping with Burnout, Focus and Vision, Communication and Relationships, and Gratitude and Positivity.

Coping with Burnout – with additional challenges and pressures in the workplace, many of us are experiencing symptoms of burnout. Throughout this session, you will learn what burnout means, the many ways it can affect wellbeing and techniques to help you create balance.

Focus and Vision – whilst we are encouraged to stay home, it is all too easy to focus on what we might be missing out on. Many of us have more time on our hands, and are unsure how to use it to our advantage. During this one hour workshop you will learn to create, and work towards, goals for personal growth.

Communication and Relationships – humans have a deep need to bond and connect with one-another, but new government guidelines mean we have been forced to alter the way we interact with friends, family and colleagues, spending more time with some people, and less with others. These adjustments can be very challenging. This workshop is designed to help you adapt and improve your interactions with others.

Gratitude and Positivity — the pandemic means that we’re constantly facing feelings of negativity and uncertainty, which can be very unsettling. In this workshop, we will explore ways of finding the good in troubling times, maintaining perspective, cultivating gratitude, and working towards positive mental wellbeing.

Client Feedback:

Gratitude & Positivity Workshop

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but found myself hooked within the first few minutes, so I invited a work colleague to join us by sending the link. The pace and content were both very good. The core messages were powerful with good mantras to live by and to focus on when life throws curve balls at you.”

Kicking the Burnout Feeling Workshop

“Great tips for ensuring you don’t become too overwhelmed. I’ll be putting them into practice going forward. I’m a massive list maker, always writing lists of the things I have to do or buy, but I never considered putting the list in priority order. The 15 minutes at the end was incredible. I actually fell asleep I was so relaxed. it’s been a long time since I was that relaxed.”

Managers Supporting Colleague Wellbeing Workshop

Some ideas for how to have more interactive team meetings by encouraging people to switch cameras on and starting the meeting by sharing a positive thing.”

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