Well-being in the community

We are thrilled to extend some of our workshops to individuals in the local community. If you haven’t had the chance to participate in our well-being activities at your workplace, you can now join us at one of our community events held at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay.

The Norwegian Church is a landmark in Cardiff Bay, offering spectacular views across the water. It’s an ideal venue to experience our deeply relaxing Sound Therapy sessions or enjoy one of our engaging Self-defence classes.

Norwegian Church Arts Centre
Harbour Drive
CF10 4PA


Gong Bath (Sound Therapy)

£20 per person. (up to 20 spaces available per session)

The gong bath produces resonant tones that influence brainwaves, helping to induce a meditative state similar to the benefits achieved through traditional meditation. These vibrations resonate at a cellular level, providing therapeutic effects that promote relaxation and healing.

Additionally, the immersive sound experience of a gong bath can reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being. The deep, resonant vibrations from the gongs can also help to release tension, alleviate anxiety, and promote a sense of inner peace.

What to Wear/Bring:

Attire: Opt for loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

Essentials: Bring a yoga mat (or an alternative if mobility is an issue), a cozy blanket or throw, a small pillow, and consider using an eye mask for deeper relaxation.


Self-defence Classes

£20 per person. (up to 20 spaces available per session)

Our one-hour self-defence classes provide an excellent team-building experience while teaching essential safety skills that boost confidence. Participants will not only learn practical techniques for personal protection but also engage in physical activity that helps to release negativity and stress. This empowering and dynamic session promotes camaraderie, enhances self-assurance, and fosters a positive, proactive mindset.

What to Wear/Bring:

Attire:  Opt for loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

*Please note: You will be required to sign a disclaimer