Bite-Sized Workshop Downloads

We offer a range of bite-sized videos, inspired by our popular expert-led online workshops.

The videos can be downloaded and stored on your business network, ready to be accessed anywhere on-demand. Each under 12 minutes in length, they offer you and your colleagues the chance to hit the refresh button during the day, taking a short break to focus on mental or physical health.

Choose from a series of science-backed inspirational videos to brighten your outlook, and provide practical tips for improving your health. Or choose a short guided meditation – studies show that regular meditation can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as stress and fatigue.

Don’t forget we provide full-length in-person and online workshops, offering an in-depth, interactive experience with one of our experts. Click here for more information.

Reframe Your Mindset Series

by Sian Collins, our Transformational Life Coach and Inspirational Spokesperson

Top Tips for Being and Staying Happy

Your mindset is an important factor in your happiness. In this video, discover how you can adjust your thinking to welcome more positive influences into your life.

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Life Coaching 1-2-1


In this video, Sian explains the concept of gratitude, explores its scientifically proven benefits, and identifies how this can be easily incorporated into our everyday lives.

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The Great Outdoors

Learn the plentiful health benefits of getting outdoors and let Sian inspire you to cultivate the habit of heading outdoors regularly.

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Online - Guided Meditation/Visualisation

Kindness Challenge

Enhance your understanding of how kindness contributes to happiness and ways in which you can be kinder to yourself, and others.

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Guided Meditation


Created specifically for those who are always on-the-go, this five-minute exercise will help balance emotions and reset focus for a positivity boost.

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Inspired by the energy therapy of Reiki, the Release guided meditation encourages you to recognise and release negative emotions through visualisation, whilst empowering you to channel positive energy to aid your general well-being.

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General Wellbeing

12 Minute Tai Chi

An excellent way to focus and calm your breathing, as well as stretch and encourage blood flow, Mal’s short chair Tai Chi video will help refresh the mind and body.

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Food and Mood

Food has a tremendous impact on how you feel and function. In this video, our Nutritional Therapist, Jo, shows us five top tips for boosting our mood.

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