Seated Massage

Why have a Seated Massage?

From reducing muscle pain, to lowering blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety, massage is widely recognised for its benefits. It’s an easy workplace wellbeing treatment to offer your team and improve staff welfare, with only a comfortable seat and skilled massage therapist needed.

Seated massages were the first treatment that Revive at Work offered and it’s still our most popular service almost 20 years later. Read on to find out why it’s such a fun and favoured employee reward.

Professional Seated Massage in our ergonomic chairs

What is seated massage?

Revive at Work’s seated massage consists of an Indian head massage or a seated head and body massage – the first can be performed on any low-backed chair without a headrest and the latter on one of our portable ergonomic chairs.

Treatments are performed without oils or creams, over your clothes. Your therapist will massage muscles and pressure points in the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and back, depending on the type of massage being performed.

Corporate Seated Massage in Cardiff, Bristol, Newport and Swansea

Where does it take place?

We recommend massages are performed in a calm space away from your desk for the most beneficial experience. However, they can be performed anywhere in the office and the duration of treatments can vary based on what your team need. Perhaps you want to offer five-minute at-desk massages to all employees in a large office, or maybe you’d rather set up a dedicated massage station for one-on-one treatments.

On-site Massage in the Workplace can help improve employee health and motivation, which in turn the office will become a sought after place to come to work. Revive at Work massages can be performed in workplaces across the Cardiff, Swansea and Newport area.

Corporate Seated Massage in Cardiff, Bristol, Newport and Swansea
Revive at Work - Workplace Wellbeing in Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea

Who do seated massages benefit?

Offering many of the stress-busting benefits of a full body spa massage, including mood enhancement, lower blood pressure, aches, pain and tension relief, as well as an increase in energy and focus, these seated massages are perfect for workplace pick-me-ups.

These relaxing treatments are also particularly beneficial to those who experience discomfort, tension, or even repetitive strain injuries in the back, shoulders and neck – which most office workers report after hours sat at their desk. Indian head massage is fantastic for headache and migraine sufferers, while our head and body massage is perfect for targeting key areas in the back and shoulders.

Plus, they’re easy to perform in offices with limited space, and are accessible to everyone, making them ideal for colleague engagement opportunities.

Investing in employee health and wellbeing benefits means your whole office can also profit from team building, and improved mood, morale and motivation. Simply put, showing your colleagues they are valued through wellbeing perks can mean better employee satisfaction, retention and productivity, and therefore a healthier business.

Seated Massage at the Workplace

Why choose Revive at Work?

We’re experts at massage, and we’ve performed seated massages in workplaces big and small for almost 20 years. What’s more, we’re passionate about how investing in employee health and wellbeing can improve your business health and performance.

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Seated Massage at the Workplace

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